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How do I date a neighbor in Sims Freeplay? When I tap "Be Romantic", it says that I can't do it yet, but I have to date a neighbor for one of the social tasks. And I don't have the "Love is in the Air" quest. At least, not that I know of.

"Neighbor's Social Task" The Sims FreePlay

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? If you've just started playing, you may not have had the Love is in the Air quest.

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That quest needs to be completed before your Sims can be romantic with anyone. You have to complete all quests before it first, though; quests have to be done in order, and you can't leap over one to do another. If you have had Love is in the Air, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to Be Romantic. I've had no problems becoming romantically involved with neighbors' Sims, so I'm thinking it would be a glitch for some reason.

Can you marry a sim from another town

Dec 13, ESRB: Can you marry a sim from another town I have a lady who went to another sim town and met a guy so I decided since I didn't have a lot of me That her and him should get all romantic and now their relationship bar is at partner to the full so I'm wondering if a sim can marry another sim from another town or if the sim needs to be from their town. Raini E, Oct 13, They might have to be from the same town Posted on: Girl I have the same problem don't think it works sadly: Cupquake Well I tried and I did a everything and it didn't work so I don't think you can have two sims from different towns can get married Posted on: Crazygirl22 Nope ive tried and they wont marry but it would be cool if that could be in an update Posted on: Back to all Tips and Tricks.

In my experience, the more expensive rings work more often or at least with fewer tries. Starter House with haunted upstairs, 1 firepole: According to the help section within the game, chosing a cheaper engagement ring may result in a refusal to a proposal. Once I had success with the 5LP ring. But last time I got a couple married in my main game she refused that ring and only accepted the most expensive ring.

So that was 15LP in total for just the ring. Fortunately trowing a wedding party doesn't cost anything unlike in real life.

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Eh, that and the Champagne. Ya'll did pull out the good stuff right? Next to Fire Station Still no police station in mah town.