Who is dating selena gomez

Then Gomez publicly friend-zoned Horan, and like that, the romance speculation died. No," Gomez exclaimed, laughing.

Selena Gomez : Top Ten Boyfriend's

He's amazing. Maybe things are different now; this is one of the first times they've been photographed hanging out since More likely, they're not, and Gomez and Horan remain good, supportive friends.

The timing is there, though: Horan is publicly single; he was last linked with Hailee Steinfeld, but their relationship ended in December. And Gomez is single, too. Type keyword s to search.

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But no subject invokes as much intrigue as who stars are dating. Despite trying to be private, Selena Gomez has had a pretty public love life. Since she was a young teen, her romances have been spread all over the internet for everyone to see. So, who is Gomez dating now?

Selena Gomez Has Been Low-key Lately But Her Dating Life Is About To Be Front & Center

She was seen traveling with him for her 27th birthday. Andrea is not exactly her type anyways and she really only thinks of him as a friend. She trusts him because of that friendship and that is why she likes hanging out with him.

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He is a good guy but Selena wants it known that you can have friends that are of the opposite sex without it going somewhere else. She and Andrea have a great connection and have remained in touch over the past year but they are just friends. Gomez may be single now, but she has had quite a few public loves.