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I figured it would pull in my name and photo, but I wondered if it would make note of my relationship status being "Married.

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The app either didn't notice or didn't care, though. I was asked whether I was male or female, then it prompted me to choose my favorite Bible verse. I put in Isaiah Then Collide presented me with a screen where I could select whether I was interested in men or women, and nothing stopped me from selecting both. I found this interesting. Contrary to popular belief, not all Christians are vehemently opposed to same-sex or bisexual attraction, but such views usually seem to be reserved for smaller, more progressive corners of the faith. It didn't seem to be a bug, either. When messing around with various settings I found that I would get different matches if I listed myself as a man interested in men than I would if I said I was a female interested in men.

Next up, the app asked for my denomination. The stuff you'd expect.

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The options are exactly the same as Tinder. Swipe left or tap the X to pass on the person, swipe right or tap the check mark to acknowledge your interest. If both you and the other party are interested in each other, then the app will let you chat with each other. To be fair, the app launched late last week, so it's probably not right to expect a huge user base so soon. Still, I was left with a feeling of "That's it? Curious, I changed my sex to female, searched for men and found a similarly small selection of users.

But even if there were more people to scroll through, the experience felt a bit hollow.

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This is Tinder to a T. The only things that are new are the Bible verses and the denomination selection.

And if you want to search specifically for people in your denomination? You have to pay for that as a premium feature. In fact, one thing Tinder has that Collide doesn't is more space for profile information. It turned out our stereotypes were wrong and that the problem was that my settings were on the to year-old filer. For just a moment, my cougar destiny had come to fruition.


Christian Mingle charges a subscription fee for you to be able to talk to potential partners. But just like during Lent, the rules were strict here.

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Another strange financial aspect to Christian Mingle: No other dating sites asked me about this. Maybe other women had asked men to pick up the cost of the app so they could chat? Christian Mingle sent annoying emails every couple of days, especially if my activity dropped off see the screenshot above. Plus, when you find a match, an animation of someone getting lifted in a traditional wedding chair pops up. After a disappointing few weeks on Christian Mingle, I was desperate for someone to talk to me.

I tested my two-sentence bio on friends to make sure I sounded adorable, approachable and culturally Jewish enough to be on the site. I got lots of matches on JSwipe Bubby would be so proud! I was also intrigued by Adam, who told me he was a singer and sent along a link to his new album. I suspect Adam was only on JSwipe to promote his music to women, which is genius marketing.

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  • There were a few other interesting characters. This one was a little demanding about vehicle ownership. And I respected that this gentile was just honest about why he was there.

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    I was excited for Atheist Passions. Things must have gotten a little TOO sexy in the past, because Atheist Passions had a lot of rules about photos.

    Oh well, at least everyone on the site knows not to challenge me to a limbo contest. Once I put all my personal information out there for the single atheists of the world to judge, I went to find someone to chat with. But there were only five members online, including me and the lone active man with a creepy photo.

    The sidebar advertised gems such as this:. Their success testimonials include very bizarre stories like this about women treating men poorly:. After a month, I never got any messages. Luckily, the FAQ section of the site helped me understand why.